Crossroads Baptist Church is a missions minded Church that believes that the Great Commission calls us to the uttermost parts of the earth. 

We currently partner with and regularly support the following missionaries, 


The Carpenter's Project, John & Sue Conrad, www.TheCarpentersProject.org. ThePhoto Carpenter's Project is an Independent Baptist ministry that focuses on help to promote the Gospel message to Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists by helping to resource ministries in countries primarily within what is known as the 10/40 window.  They resource these ministries by helping them build Worship Centers and resourcing the training and support of national pastors trained in Bible believing Baptist Bible colleges and seminaries.  To date the Carpenter's Project has helped build more than 50 Church building in over 13 different countries.

Pastor Lito Avila and his Family in the Philippines - Pastor Lito Avila is a national Church planter and pastor in the Philippines.  Pastor Lito is currently starting IBCAP, a Bible College in the Philippines seeking to train born again Christians to reach into the 10/40 window with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Pastor Lito graduated from Asia Baptist Bible College in Manila.Photo


Evangelist Richard Boyle - Richard and his family serve Baptist ministries through preaching, evangelism, and VBS programs throughout the Mid-Western United States.



Dr. Edwin Chelli  is the president of Berean Baptist Bible College and Seminary in India.  His ministry supports a Bible college with about 400 students, about 80 PastorsPhoto establishing new Churches throughout India and the surrounding countries, and Children's Homes and Schools supporting orphans and the children of very poor families throughout India.  Supporting Dr Chelli and his ministries is to support a soul winning, gospel preaching ministry in India and the surrounding countries that is actively training and sending born again ministers into some of the hardest reached regions of our world.


Missionaries whose ministries we partner with and hope to support with regular financial support in the future,

Mark, Sara, Marshall, and Meredith Pitts are on deputation to serve as full-time missionaries to Melbourne, Australia.  They have raised about 76% of their needed support and are faithfully preparing to reach thier missions field.  We currently support the Pitts in our prayers and hope to one day support their mission work financially.






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