Ministry Teams and Opportunities

CrossRoads Baptist Church believes that every member of the body of Christ is gifted by our Lord to serve Him by serving our Church and Community.  We endeavor to empower our Church folk to be active in their service of our Lord.  We help you to fulfill your purpose in our Lord's kingdom through our Ministry Teams and opportunities.  These are listed below for you information.

Stewardship Team

Our Stewardship Team is tasked with taking care of the administrative tasks associated with our Church.  They also provide encouragement for our members as a whole.  Currently our Stewardship Team consists of:

Randall Edington - Team Leader                                                                                                    Linda Andrews - Treasurer                                                                                                              Donetta Richardson - Church Clerk                                                                                                Steve DeGroote                                                                                                                              Barry K. Monnett


CrossRoads Champions For Christ - Men's Ministry

CrossRoads Champions For Christ is the Men's Ministry of CrossRoads Baptist Church.  The primary goal of this ministry is to help men to be all that they can be in our Lord Jesus Christ.  More information about CrossRoads Champions For Christ go to our Champions web page.


Building & Grounds Team

The Building & Grounds Team is tasked with the maintenance of the building and the upkeep of the Church grounds.  Casey DeGroote is our Building & Grounds Team Leader.


Ministry Team

The Ministry Team is tasked with serving our Church by meeting the ministry needs of those associated with our Church.  Mike Frame is our Ministry Team Leader.


Fellowship Team

The Fellowship Team organizes the feasts (meals) and their accompanying fellowship at CrossRoads Baptist Church.  Donetta Richardson is the Fellowship Team Leader.  She is assisted by Linda Andrews.


Missions Team

The Missions Team is tasked with leading our Church to fulfill the missions portion of the Great Commission.  This team leads our missions giving from our tithes and offerings, our selection of who we support in missions, our annual missions trips both domestic and foreign.  The Missions Team Leader is Linda Andrews.  We have a quarterly "Missions Sunday" of which we take up our jars of change for the "Change for Children" program and have a Missionary come visit and speak. 


Publicity Team   

The Publicity Team is tasked with helping our Church get the word out to our community about various events and our Church in general.  This team is essential in helping to bring visitors into our Church.  Linda Andrews is currently our Publicity Team Leader. 


Prayer Team

The Prayer Team helps guide our Church in prayer.  Donetta Richardson is our Prayer Team Leader. She  leads our monthly Prayer Team Meeting held on the 4th Sunday of the month at the Church @ 5:00pm.  This team seeks to teach, and encourage our Church folk to continuously pray. 


Women's Ministry       

The Women's Ministry leads our women in fellowship, bible study and ministry.  All of the Women of CrossRoads Baptist Church are encouraged to be a part of this ministry.  The Women's Ministry Team Leader is Vicki Aguilar.  She is assisted by Donetta Richardson and Cathy Huyck.


Worship Team       

The Worship Team leads our Church in the worship segment of our regular Worship Services.  This team also invites and coordinates our special music during our Worship Services.  Randall Edington is our Worship Team Leader.

You Are Invited   


You are invited and encouraged to be a part of our Ministry Teams.  We want you to use your gifts to fulfill your God given purpose and nourish and encourage the Kingdom of our Lord.  If you are not sure where you might fit in these teams then just try them out for a while and see where God might you use for His glory.




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