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Recognizing that it is the goal of our Heavenly Father that His people be conformed to the image of our Lord Jesus Christ (Rom 8.29) CrossRoads Champions for Christ was formed.  CrossRoads Champions is the men’s ministry of CrossRoads Baptist Church and seeks to purposefully strengthen the men of CrossRoads Baptist Church in their personal, family, and corporate walk with our Lord Jesus Christ.  While the ministry of CrossRoads Champions for Christ is primarily focused upon the members of CrossRoads Baptist Church, other men are encouraged to join with the ministry to find the encouragement and support they need to be all that they can be for our Lord and His Kingdom.

As CrossRoads Champions we commit to be,

Conformed to the image of Christ - Learning to be transformed in my knowledge of Christ and in the way I live my life for Christ. 

Controlled by the mind of Christ - Bringing every thought into captivity to Christ.  This involves personal integrity and purity. 

Contributing to the cause of Christ - Actively promoting and serving God in my family, community, and world. 

Conditioning the heritage of Christ - passing on my faith to my children and to my fellow Christians. 

Confronting the adversaries of Christ - Learning to give an answer for my life and faith in Christ. 

Committed to the Body of Christ - Edifying (building up) my Church by actively serving, encouraging, and protecting its Pastor(s) and people. 


CrossRoads Champions Welcomes Our Heritage and encourages Fathers to bring their sons and Grandfathers to bring their Grandchildren to our fellowship and activities.  It is our deep conviction that our boys and young men need to be around Godly men that will model a life lived out well for our Lord.  Men without sons or grandsons are encouraged to find the fatherless and mentor them in godliness (James 1.27). 

Planned Fellowships will consist of a meal (Breakfast/Lunch), Stating the Commitments of a CrossRoads Champion, a 20 minute devotional focusing on one of our commitments, and a brief time of discussion followed up by an activity (if planned).

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